Ngày hoàn thành: 2019
Khu vực: Ho Chi Minh City
Khách hàng: PILMICO Company
Dự án: Office
Finish day: 2019
Area: Ho Chi Minh City
Customer: PILMICO Company
Project: Office

Co., Ltd. Decorate – Interior Designers feel very lucky to be selected as the unit to perform the office interior design work of PILMICO.

With the motto “MAKE DREAM ACHIEVEMENTS” LE VIN Decor always gives customers the perfect works as expected.


To optimize the area, LEVIN Decor’s architects team came up with the idea of ​​arranging office furniture in a very reasonable manner. White gray is chosen as the main color for this design, using this color will be very easy in the design of PILMICO office furniture. In addition, it also creates the elegance and modernity for office work.

Because the area is quite small, the office is designed in an open style, the office furniture is selected according to the simplest criteria to create a comfortable atmosphere for employees.

The reception hall is designed in a compact way to save space but still does not lose the modern look of the office. At the lobby, there are small colorful lounge chairs to welcome customers, plus a few small size flower pots that create a dynamic and energetic look in the eyes of customers when they first set foot in the office. room.

Office furniture is arranged in a very clever way. Typically, the staff desk is designed in the style of a 3-person table combined with high-class cushion chairs, creating comfort for employees to sit. For added convenience, a small file under the table is used to store personal files.

Most of the types of cabinets selected in the office interior design project this time are in the trend of walling with the purpose of increasing the convenience for moving and creating a clear office flow. In the office is guaranteed to be fully equipped with modern equipment to serve the job in the best way.

The replacement of glass walls has made the office more luxurious but can also help reduce the noise between your room. In addition, this replacement can help management to observe the activities of all employees during the work process, they do not need to go in and out so much time consuming themselves.

MS: VP01

Director’s office is designed with a high-class desk and several filing cabinets. Meeting rooms are also designed with very simple office furniture, long rectangular meeting table combined with high-class chair cushion is a reasonable choice for the size of the area.

Interior design in two offices is not monotonous and respect the integrity and seriousness in working style. The monochromatic walls in the office are more vivid thanks to the decoration of the murals.

In addition, the office is decorated with a few more pots of green trees, this arrangement will make people comfortable, reduce stress and fatigue during work.

In this office design project, LEVIN Decor used the lighting system which is a square ceiling light. This lamp has both aesthetic effect and energy saving, light efficiency does not harm the eyes of the user. The compact air conditioners are installed elegantly to help filter the air, creating a comfortable working environment for PILMICO employees.

After handing over the interior design of PILMICO office, customers have made positive comments and felt very satisfied about this design project. We are always ready to bring you works than expected.

We are pleased to welcome your cooperation!